Capabilities: Welding Bay


Welding Bay


AB-AWS welding workshop technicians are trained to the highest standards and approved by the CAA. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding specialists, we provide a service in all materials including:·     


- Stainless Steel           

- Mild Steel           

- Nimonic          

- Aluminium          

- Titanium          

- And many others 


Our approved technicians provide a fast efficient service. We can assist with design, modification or repair of most aircraft parts to the highest standards and most exacting quality requirements. All work carried out will be substantiated with EASA Form 1 conformation documents. 


Our technicians also provide precision quality welding, On-Wing Support Service, which can be in hangar or down route


AB-AWS would be delighted to perform your Welding support work.


Please contact:
Gary Sellars-

Lee Nolan-