Capabilities: Airframe


Airframe and Heat Treatment Workshops


AB-AWS Airframe and Heat Treatment workshop technicians have extensive experience and capabilities, in sheet fabrication, machining, heat treatment and detail assembly shop practices for both repair and manufacture of airframe parts.


Our workshops are comprehensively stocked with fabrication equipment and machine tools, which when complimented by our Heat Treatment Facilities, enable us to meet virtually every demand for scheduled maintenance, casualty repair work and the manufacture of detail parts/ assemblies.


At any one time our highly skilled technicians are repairing/ modifying or maintaining parts for but not limited:·      


- Passenger Doors·      

- Undercarriage Doors·           

- Flying Controls·           

- Flaps·           

- Rudders·           

- Air Intakes·           

- Engine Cowlings 


AB-AWS would welcome requests to manufacture PMA Aerostructure Parts under our Boeing Licence. 


Please contact:
Gary Sellars-